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    In the year 2020 where the average mud player is a 30+ year old with other obligations, it's become harder and harder to commit time to something like a roleplay/story driven mud. Family, Relationships, Work, Holidays, Vacation, Games. All of these things take our attention. As such, we would like to formally invite anybody who comes by here to join our offline (from the mud) community, where people who can't log onto the mud but would otherwise like to stay in contact hang out and talk. 

    The discord is also great for those who are considering joining the mud for the first time and would like to ask questions and get a feel for the community. Especially since leaving the discord, commitment free, is only a couple of mouse clicks away. If you find the mud seemingly inactive, I implore you to join the discord before you give a final judgement.
You can find our discord at the following link:
The Sea of Storms is MOST active between:
Noon (12 P.M.) to Midnight (12 A.M.) E.S.T. most days of the week.
Drop in and say hello!