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Description:Trique is a slender woman who stands shorter than average. Her eyes are gems that are whiter than snow. Dark brown hair spills
downward past her ears, neck, shoulders, and half way down her back. She keeps it back behind her ears, held in place by her glasses. Her soft pink
lips bring colour to her pale face.

Background:Trique is a Domani woman who grew up on a simple farm with her parents and siblings (older and younger). From an early age she could be often found in her towns library. This gave her the role of teaching her siblings and the other children in the village.
At some point she decided she wanted to set out on adventure and landed in Cairhien. While here, she sparked her channeling abilities for the first time. After speaking with a close friend she decided it was right for her to head to the White Tower. Now, as an Aes Sedai, she spends her days hunched over books and looks for new information to document herself.