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This page is (obviously) a list of sites which may be of interest to our players. If there's something you think should be included, just let one of the Staff know. 

Wheel of Time Resources:
  • Tor's WoT Website - This is the official website of The Wheel of Time Series, by the publisher Tor. You can find information about the books, R. Jordan's book tours, etc. at this site.
  • Robert Jordan's Blog - Robert Jordan's official blog hosted by dragonmount.com. Updated fairly often by RJ, his wife, or his family to update the readers on his condition and let everyone know what's going on.
  • Brandon Sanderson's Website - Brandon Sanderson was chosen by Harriet to finish Robert Jordan's legacy.  His site has status updates on his writings as well as blog posts about various topics.
  • The Encyclopedia WoT - The Encyclopedia Wheel of Time is one of the oldest and most informative sites on the web. You can find information on everything from creatures, geography, and the various items to in depth information on The True Source, or the various organizations in the Wheel of Time universe. All with appropriate book citations.
  • The Complete Old Tongue - Because somtimes you just need to figure out the right phrase in the Old Tongue, this is a very handy site with a large collection of words.
  • Seven Spokes: A WoT Chronology - A nicely done site that has a wealth of information about the timeline of the Wheel of Time universe.
  • Dragonmount - This fan site probably needs no introduction. Dragonmount has been the premiere Wheel of Time fansite on the web for years. A strong community, a great resource, and an excellent place to look for news from the author or publisher.
  • The WoT Directory - Hosted by WoT MUD, this is a large collection of links of all sorts that are related to anything Wheel of Time. Art, Fan Sites, Games, Theories, etc.
  • Wheel of Time Chapter Summaries - A place where you can re-read summaries of each chapter created for the express purpose of condensing them.

    MUD Resources:
  • The Mud Connector - The single greatest website devoted to text based gaming out there. The Mud Connector has it all: forums, a massive listing of games, reviews, and a superb compendium of other resources. Almost always the first stop if you're looking for anything MUD related.
  • Top Mud Sites - One of the best ranking sites, you can find a list of their top 100 MUDs by voting. The vote count is reset every couple weeks, but you can usually find us somewhere in that list. They also have an excellent selection of forums and listings.
  • Mud Magic - Another site devoted to MUDs, you can find listings, a unique selection of forums, and even an original client. Not the largest or most well known resource site out there, but well worth a visit.
  • SimpleMU - A client for Windows, good selection of features, easy to use.
  • MUSHclient - Another excellent client for windows with a lot of great features and very easy to use.
  • Zugg Software - Home to one of the premiere clients for Windows for more than a decade, zMUD. In recent years they have branched out to a wide variety of other MUD related software.
  • Kmud - One of the better MUD clients for Linux and Unix platforms that run KDE.
  • Savitar - Another good client for OSX, well worth taking a look at if you want something more stable than Rapscallion and still in development.

    WoT Gaming:

  • WoT MUD - Aiming more towards hack&slash, this is one of the oldest and most popular WoT games around.
  • A Moment in Tyme - Another of the older WoT oriented MUDs out there.
  • The Last Sunrise - An older Hack-n-Slash WoT mud with unrestricted Playerkilling.
  • Age of Chaos - A conversion in progress to a wheel of time mud where you can be Ninjas, Giants or Elves.
  • Mirrors of the Wheel - Started by people who used to play WoTMUD but with a roleplay emphasis.
  • Kinslayer's Dagger - A more PK oriented version of Mirrors.

  • Mirror Worlds Project - Server is built on the Neverwinter Nights Engine 1, its currently 90% complete and playtesting is happening now.
  • The WoT computer game - An interesting cross-over between the first person shooter genre and Wheel of Time, this game never really took off. This may have been because it had little to do with how things really worked in the books and a multitude of distribution problems. - Official game site no longer exists, so linked to Planet Wheel of Time as the next best thing.
  • Wheel of Time RPG - A port of WoT towards the realm of D&D by Wizards of the Coast.
    Sepcial Thanks:
  • Special thanks go to Frank Frazetta Jr and the Frank Frazetta estate for allowing us to use Death Dealer as our wallpaper. You can visit the Frank Frazetta Gallery at http://www.frazettaartgallery.com
  • The Mono Project, without it this site would still be in php and not have half the features it does now. http://mono-project.com/Main_Page
  • Matt Adcock for F-Mud, a free flash mud, without it we'd still be using a crappy java mud client.
  • And lastly, JQuery, how did I ever write javascript before without you. http://jquery.com