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Description:You see a slim, moderately tall woman with olive skin and gray eyes. Her clothes are simple, made for functionality rather than decoration, and her hair is pulled back with a thin ribbon. Although her hair is gray, her face is unlined. Her age is apparent not just from her looks, but also her actions. She seems enthusiastic about everything, and constantly moves around with youthful energy. An engraved dagger adorns her belt, and those who look closely might see another peeking out from under her coat.

Background:Theia was born and raised in Whitebridge, on the River Arinelle in central-western Andor. Her parents are traders, but she was never interested in their work. Instead, she spent most of her time rough-housing with the other children and exploring the countryside around the city. No matter how many times her mother scolded her for tearing her dress or coming home filthy, she would always go out and do it again the next day.

Once when she was seven, she saw an Aes Sedai and her Warder passing through Whitebridge on the way back to the White Tower. The Aes Sedai was stopped by a man who needed her help to cure a deathly sick man that the Wisdom had given up on, and Theia followed them back to the man?s house. She wasn?t actually interested in the mystical woman or her powers, but instead focused on the Warder. She was fascinated by the city guards, and this man had a certain look to him that suggested combat training. As the Aes Sedai was healing the sick man, another townsman came in to kill her. Theia didn?t know why. His attempt was foiled by the Warder, however, who moved with such grace that she had never seen before. That day she swore to herself that she would become a Warder too.

Even though her mother tried to discourage Theia from her boyish pursuits, her father encouraged her to do whatever she wanted. On her tenth birthday he gave her a dagger, so that she could start practicing to be a Warder. He didn?t think she?d actually become one, so what was the harm? She practiced on everything she could, from rats in the street to sacks full of grain in her parents? storage buildings. When she was fourteen, she even started sneaking into the guards? practice yard at night.

When Theia turned seventeen, her mother decided she was ready to marry. She thought it might finally bring her daughter back into the ?real world?. Theia, however, knew that her days of adventuring would be at an end if she let herself be tied down. Unable to convince her father to intercede, she decided to run away to the White Tower and finally become a Warder. The journey was long, and made more difficult by the fact that she had only been able to take a small purse from home.

Now Theia has made it to Tar Valon and is ready to begin her training.