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Arrin-Retired Implementor
  I have been mudding for the past 8 years concentrating most of my time on role play based muds based in the Wheel of Time world. I have played every type of character from Whitecloaks to Tinkers to Aes Sedai and I have immed on several different muds. Here at The Sea of Storms, I have been a member of the immstaff since its inception. I have built several areas, provided feedback and ideas on the different code systems, role play environments, as well as creating the current Web Page. My role here as Implementor is to oversee all aspects of the game including gameplay, policy, and role play. I make sure that we are staying true to our goals to provide a fun and unique role playing experience in Robert Jordans Wheel of Time, while keeping a balanced environment.


Corhean- Implementor
  It seems as if a hundred years has passed since I have started playing on the Sea of Storms, but It has really only been about three years. In that time I've seen many players come and go, each with their own views on how to roleplay, and each with their own character types. Personally I've played about a tenth of the character types I would like to, but I have plenty of time to come. Currently as Implementor I am the player port administrator, and also build areas during my spare time.


Dominic- Webmaster
  Mostly just hang out, been hanging out since Rob started the mud. Occasionally I'll do something...


Erik - Events / Guild Administration
  I started mudding on this mud, and haven't strayed at all for the one and a half years I've been playing here, mostly as male channelers although I've had some experience with noble and warrior characters. All my mudding experience is confined to this Mud, and my duties are basically, planning Events and managing the Guilds...


Gren - Events / Guild Administration
  I started at the sea of storms around half a year ago. It was my first WOT mud, and in ways my first RP mud. I've have an enormous amount of fun here, and have enjoyed almost all my time here. As of right now, I currently am in involved in running events and guilds. So if you have any questions about either feel free to ask me, or if you have any event ideas or a minor event you'd like run, just ask me, and I'll do my best to help you out.


Luthien - Assistant Implementor
  I started out mudding about eight years ago, exclusively hack&slash. I spent a few years on a couple different muds as a player experiencing a couple different situations. I've held several Imm posts, with duties ranging from a normal low level administration/quest Imm, to Head Builder and Assistant Imp. I started playing on The Sea of Storms in 1999 under the guise of a character named, quite aptly, Luthien. TSoS is my first RP mud and in my time I've played characters including a Child of the Light, a Blacksmith, a rogue, and a freelance swordsman. I spent a long time learning the ropes before becomming an Admin/Event Immortal as well as a builder. After a few months in that role, I took over the lower level Policy issues. Currently I handle nearly every facet of the MUD, from coding, to simple website work, to character and staff applications, and..well everything..


Mattheus - Events / Guild Administration
  The Sea of Storms was the first mud I ever played, I believe it was the fall of ’99 I got introduced to the mud by a friend, and I’ve stayed ever since. During my time on the tSoS I’ve made a lot of good friends and have had a lot of good times. I’ve played a variety of characters from blacksmith’s to whitecloaks, after 2 or 3 years of mudding I was asked to be an Immortal and of course I didn’t turn that offer down. And ever since I’ve been spending my time as a Guild/Event Immortal.


Nahvin -Retired Assistant Implementor / Head Coder
  I've been playing text-based games since.. the dawn of time, it seems. As the world got wired, I found muds, and have been mudding ever since. I've played pretty much every type of muX, several extensively, and have been in all kinds of imm positions. I started mud coding about 5 years ago, mainly because I was tired of bad muds all over. Here on TSOS I handle whatever I'm needed for.


Rob -Retired Implementor / Founder
  I spent several years mudding in the WoT universe before Wysten and I decided to make our own mark on the community. I was responsible for the design and implementation of the mud's codebase, as well as setting up the initial beta launch. I have contributed to most of the other areas of the mud as needed, but I am primarily focused on fixing bugs and adding new features.


Vandread - Head Coder
  I started mudding a little over two years before I got my immortal role. All of it was on an RP mud, and *shrug* pretty much all of it on TSOS. This was my first mud and whenever I looked at another mud I found they were poorly organized and it had severe issues with taste and appearance. The who-lists are unorganized clumps of BLAH or descriptions of a character spam me for a page and a half. After Nahvin retired and Corhean was desperate for a coder he asked me if I knew anyone who knew how to code (heh yeah me.) So here I am. I’m being told I’m doing wonderful things with the code, but for right now I think all I’m doing is using a lot of superglue, rubber bands, and bubble gum to get everything to work right. It’s a mess, but I’m up for the challenge.


Wysten -Retired Implementor / Founder
  As a founder of the mud I was initially responsible for recruiting qualified immortals, game design and general administration. In the beginning we all wore more than one hat but now I work on code design with Nahvin, do file maintenance and fill in where needed. I have mudded off and on for seven years, much of it within the WoT world.