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The Sea of Storms

       Welcome to the Sea of Storms. The game has been around a very long time and in recent years it has been in a defunct state. The current staff has returned to the game, spoken with Vandread and are in the process of bringing the game back to an active state with a vision for the future.

     What does this mean for you? Well, if you are new, it means you can expect a Wheel of Time themed roleplaying environment that has a long history of story, unique channeling code, and an in depth system of weapon forms. It also means experiencing narratives that cause real change in the gameworld while providing personalized stories for players to develop their characters and make their own changes to the world.

     If you are a returning player then it means you can expect quality of life improvements across the board. We’re bringing dramatic improvements to narrative storytelling, code balancing, and brand new areas.

     This announcement marks the official start of the return of the game to active management. As of this post we have updated multiple help files and policies (see help changes), we have created two new areas and we have launched our Season 1 story (see help seasons). There is even a brand new framework for creating and telling the story between players and staff (see help story).

     At the beginning of this process we will be Cairhien focused. The majority of Randland is available in game and can be traveled too and roleplayed in. Despite this the Staff feels that until the playerbase grows that centralizing roleplay will lead to a better experience for everyone. In order to facilitate this focus the Staff has added an embassy in Cairhien for the White Tower where Accepted are trained and Aes Sedai are stationed. In addition the Staff has added the mini-Dome of Truth for the Children of the Light to have a limited presence within the city. There are story reasons for both of these and their success or failure will be up to player actions.

     We are a small team of three people but most of us have decades of experience on the Sea of Storms and staffing in general. Know that we are working our best to make changes to the game so that all of us have an appealing place, not only for us to play, tell stories and have a home, but also to make it inviting to new players, too!. 

     The ease of onboarding new players is one of our largest priorities.. With that in mind, we have re-launched a new Sea of Storms wiki adding all of our documentation for our players to enjoy. It will include things such as the various syllabi for our clans, a list of all forms, weaves, skills, and other such goodies.

The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills and we hope you will join us on this adventure.