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Valgrind and Unreal

Hi Mudders!

Due to some recent issues that have been creaping up that screams of memory leaks (!op weapon!, few other things) we've started running the mud in Valgrind again.

What does this mean to you?  Well, valgrind is a resource hog, and it makes the mud load VERRRY slowly, like 10 minutes to boot instead of 10 seconds slowly.  However once it boots it won't have any noticeable impact on the performance of the mud, so most of you won't even see anything different at all.

What else does this mean?  When the mud performs its daily 6AM reboot, it won't come back up for about 10 minutes.  Due to the increased resources needed by valgrind the UT2k4 server is also disabled.

How long will we be doing this?  Until we have a slew of memory leak reports in the valgrind logs and fix them all and then we have no more memory leaks reported by valgrind.  So, no idea really, until its not needed anymore.

Why is this important? Because you guys crashed us 4 times yesterday doing (mostly) normal every day activities.

What will we achieve when this is done? MOAR stability.  Usually we go a month or two without any crashes, but lately you guys have been going out of your way to find obscure ways to crash us.


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